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Convert CGM2SVG™

Process high volumes of CGM to SVG and apply the output SVG file to mobile, print, web applications, GIS, and mapping.

Key benefits

  • SDI CGM to SVG can be integrated into your own application environment
  • CLI provides customization options to process high volume of files
  • Generates compressed SVG output
  • Removes extraneous whitespace and line feeds
  • Resolution of SVG output file can be set by the user (default is 1000 units per inch)
Supported CGM profiles
  • WebCGM – CGM in Web electronic documents
  • S1000D – Defense systems (land, sea, and air), civil aviation, construction, and ship industry
  • ATA – Commercial airplane technical operation and manufacturing publications
  • CALS – Department of Defense standard
  • PIP – Petroleum exploration and production geophysical data
  • CGM+
Operating System
  • Windows 64-bit
  • Linux 5x, 6x, 7x (CLI only)
Quick 1:51 video walk-thru: CGM to SVG

FREE – web browser-based CGM to SVG viewer

Convert CGM to SVG and view the output SVG file in your web browser via our FREE online CGM2SVG tool.

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