Batch Convert CGM Images

Setup CGM batch conversion via hot folders, programs, and scripts

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Batch Convert CGM Images

Setup batch conversion via hot folders, programs, and scripts. This functionality comes standard with SDI DragonPrint.

Hot folder batch processing

  1. Create a new hot folder
  2. Copy files into the hot folder
  3. Daemon
    • Copies the files in the hot folder
    • Executes a CGM to output file conversion command

Batch process common file-to-file conversions like CGM to SVG, CGM to PDF, and CGM to PNG.

Batch file trigger in a hot folder

Users can add a "trigger file" to the hot folder. In the instance of converting cgm:

  1. Daemon searches for a .par file
  2. Par file contains
    • Multiple parameters to the conversion process
    • Specifies the name of the CGM to be converted

Programs and scripts

SDI CGM image converters can be called from any scripting language on Linux or Windows.

  • Powershell
  • Python
  • C#
  • Bourne and etc.
Example scenario

Some applications generate a PDF, but a SVG file is also needed as part of the workflow. A converter is then called inside of the program to convert PDF to SVG. You can batch convert these image converter formats too.

FREE online CGM utilities

Image viewer
open_in_new CGM to SVG viewer open_in_new View CGM in your browser
Image file converters
open_in_new CGM to SVG open_in_new CGM to PDF

CGM image converter file formats

CGM to vector
  • CGM to DGN
  • CGM to DWG
  • CGM to DXF
  • CGM to EMP
  • CGM to HPGL2
  • CGM to GeoJSON
  • CGM to SHP
  • CGM to PDF
  • CGM to PS
  • CGM to SVG
  • CGM to WebCGM
CGM to raster
  • CGM to BMP
  • CGM to GIF
  • CGM to PNG
  • CGM to TIFF

In one-step, upload single or multiple CGM files and view the output SVG file(s) in your web browser via our FREE online CGM2SVG tool.

Additional image converter formats
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