SDI Editor®

Includes all of the benefits of Office GEO, Montage, and more

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SDI Editor®

Single application to view, convert, export, and print common CAD files (e.g. CGM, DWG/DXF, SVG, and etc.). Features include full markup, VTOF, well log plotting, vector transform tools, and hotspots with hyperlinks.

Key benefits

  • Built upon Office GEO and Montage
  • Edit vector files in place
    1. Select via object type (e.g. symbols, polygons, and text)
    2. Group and transform objects
    3. Change object attributes (line weight, color, and style)
    4. Close bezier curves and fill with color, patterns, and hatches
    5. Change text styles
  • Add hotspots with hyperlinks
Available upgrade: Light Table
  • Overlay, scale, and register to highlight the difference between iterative versions of a drawing (i.e. compare digital well logs to identify logging errors).
Available plugin: Data Mapper
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