IETM Viewer with S1000D XML Hotspots

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IETM Viewer with S1000D XML Hotspots

The IETM viewer allows a user to view an embedded CGM file on an HTML5 webpage.

User options

  1. Mouseover any of the numbers displayed on the displayed CGM image
    • The number will now have a highlighted bounding box
    • Click on a selection
    • The cell with the corresponding data will now be highlighted
  2. Use the menu in the options bar to toggle and highlight all hotspots
  3. Clicking on the text link in the table will display a bounding box around the number in the CGM above
  4. Pan, zoom, fit, and scale options can be applied to the displayed CGM

Use case scenarios

  • Online manufacturer parts list catalog (i.e. interactive electronic technical manual (IETM)
  • Maintenance journal for: aerospace, airlines, automobiles, and etc.
  • Circuit diagrams (tracing endpoint to endpoint)
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Phasing out ActiveX

  • With the discontinuation of IE11, this viewer toolkit can be used to update your existing applications across all browsers
  • Develop new applications without current browser limitations
  • Compatible with Bootstrap 4 and 5 frameworks

Works with HTML5 browsers with no plugins to install

  • No plugins required.
  • Operates on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Full-preview of CGM files in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

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Supported HTML5 Browsers Google Chrome | Microsoft Edge | Firefox | Opera | Safari
CGM versions CGM version 1-4, WebCGM, CGM+, CGM*PIP, ATA, S1000D
Standard input CGM and CGMZ (gz compression)
XML specification S1000D
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