Canon Alliance Partnership Program

Canon Alliance Partnership Program

SDI has a long history of providing solutions and collaborating with industry.

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SDI DragonPrint

Plot faster, Plot easier, Plot better with SDI DragonPrint featuring APS (Active Printing System) SDI Print, View and Export solutions get it right the first time.

We retain the settings that worked for you on our intuitive and consistent interface. Plots to all ImagePrograph series wide format series including the newest TX series 2000, 3000, and 4000.

When you partner your Canon with SDI you can print all of your multi-format technical drawings (i.e. DWG, DXF, CGM, PDF, SVG, TIF, JPEG, and PNG).

  • DragonPrint-X extends SDI's one click print to a selection of files.
  • With DragonPrint Pro Plot all your files at once.
  • Multiple scaling options allow your files to be scaled independently.
  • Color coded scale warnings let you easily catch scaling problems.
  • Thumbnail view helps insure you have the right file & layout .
  • Click the thumbnail to view the file at larger scale.

SDI APS print window

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