SDI's Well Log Printing Solutions

SDI’s Virtual Top of Form (VTOF) software enables industry professionals to print well log images on inexpensive perforated fan-fold paper and with low-cost wide format printers, ensuring that each image starts at top of form.

SDI’s proprietary software calibrates printers and media with accuracy and without the need for printers with expensive top of form sensors. The VTOF process includes a proprietary tool that monitors and maintains the accuracy of each printed image.

With SDI VTOF, geoscientists can print well log files at top of form with confidence. VTOF supports 11, 14 and 17" wide well log fan-fold paper.

Because SDI supports virtually every wide-format printer in the Oil and Gas industry, geoscientists and other professionals can also print maps, seismic images, posters and other complex graphics.

SDI VTOF is currently offered with Editor, Office and DragonPrint.

  • Concatenate multi-page PDF logs.
  • Support unlimited length plots.
  • Asymmetrical scaling allows fit to width while retaining depth of scale accuracy.
  • Available for HP, Canon and wide-format printers supporting RTL.
  • A calibration tool maintains accurate top of form alignment.

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