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SDI for the Desktop

SDI for the Desktop

Our core desktop tools (SDI Office, Montage, & Editor) can be expanded with useful utilities and drivers.

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SDI Office

View, convert, export, and print a wide range of vector and raster file formats including CGM, PDF, SVG, TIFF and DWG.

Office CAD Office GEO
SDI Montage

Extend the functionality of Office with the addition of file markup, annotation, and montaging multiple graphics files.

Montage PLUS Montage Light Table
SDI Edit

Expand Office & Montage via editing of individual embedded files. Run your own workflow with customizable scripts.

Editor CAD Editor GEO

Available Resources

SDI Panther Utilities
  • SDI View - Adds full-preview (zoom, pan, and rotate) of CGM files within Windows Explorer
  • SDI Print - Right-click on any file in Windows Explorer and print using (APS)
  • SDI PDF - Convert a single file to PDF or select a group of files and convert to a multi-page PDF document
  • SDI PPT - Convert a single file to a PPT slide or select a group of files and convert to a multi-slide presentation
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Data Mapper

Geo-reference existing drawings and export map data. Additional features:

  • Generate bubble maps
  • Utilize multiple data sources (i.e. SQL, Excel, XY points)
  • Run Python scripts to draw maps
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Light Table

Overlay, scale, and register graphic files (i.e. compare digital well logs).

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Windows Drivers

Available print drivers: CGM, PDF*, and Printex 980.

*A shareable driver that generates a PDF file and launches a designated application (in user mode).

SDI Convert Pro

Gives users the flexibility of selecting a single file, multiple files, or multiple folders to convert files. Available conversion formats.

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