SDI Office

Opens industry graphics standard file formats and provides export to PDF, CGM, SVG, DWG, TIF, and etc. Generates seamless multi-page logs.

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SDI Montage

All of the functionality of Office with the addition of markup/redlining and the ability to arrange multiple files on a single canvas.

SDI Editor

Builds on Office and Montage and adds the ability to edit individual embedded files. Customizable with scripts to run your own workflow.

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Light Table

Overlay, scale, and register graphic files (i.e. compare digital well logs).

Data Mapper

Geo-reference existing drawings and export map data. Additional features:

  • Generate bubble maps
  • Utilize multiple data sources (i.e. SQL, Excel, XY points)
  • Run Python scripts to draw maps

Desktop Utilities

SDI Panther Utilities

Panther enables easy preview of CGM files, right-clicking on files to send to printers, and creates multi-page PDFs with multiple supported graphic formats.

  • SDI View – Adds full-preview (zoom, pan, and rotate) of CGM files within Windows Explorer
  • SDI Print – Right-click on any file in Windows Explorer and print (using APS)
  • SDI PDF – Convert a single file to PDF or select a group of files and convert to a multi-page PDF document
  • SDI PPT – Convert a single file to a PPT slide or select a group of files and convert to a multi-slide presentation

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Windows Drivers

Available print drivers: CGM, PDF*, and Printrex 980

*A shareable driver that generates a PDF file and launches a designated application (in user mode).

SDI Convert Pro

Gives users the flexibility of selecting a single file, multiple files, or multiple folders to convert files. Available conversion formats.

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