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Microsoft Office PowerPoint is extensively used by Oil & Gas E&P professionals to create detailed and complex posters and presentations. Successful PowerPoint presentations can depend upon the quality of the embedded graphics. SDI's CGM LIVEdnd™ makes it easy to import, scale and crop high resolution CGM graphics.

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Office is a multi-purpose Windows application for the viewing, conversion and printing of graphics and image files. View multiple 2D formats including CGM, PDF, PostScript, HPGL, DWG/DXF, EMF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, XWD & CALS. Zoom, scroll and rotate the image and even copy and paste into any associated Windows application. Select and utilize the files hotpots. Print the whole file or a selected viewport with either standard Windows drivers or via the optional SDI APS -- Advanced Printing System for more accurate printing control. Convert files, via the EXPORT feature, to the available formats of CGM, PDF, PostScript, DWG, DXF, EMF, SVG, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and BMP.

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Convert Pro – Graphics file conversions for 2D CAD, Tech Pubs and General. Reliably, quickly and easily convert your standard 2D graphics file formats used in Geoscience/E&P.

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Editor is a one-stop technical graphics tool for anyone who uses CGM, HPGL, PDF, PostScript, DWG, DXF or EMF. This editing and composing tool enables the user to easily modify and create graphics files for hard or softcopy delivery. View, edit, combine, mark-up, layout and hotspot CAD drawings, illustrations or schematics. The graphical output from the popular CAD packages or technical illustration applications can be combined into one comprehensive file, as well as providing the capability to annotate or modify any of the native graphic elements in the original or added file(s).

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Montage – A sophisticated graphics composition tool for viewing, montaging and editing CGM, CGM+ and CGM*PIP, plus other graphic file formats. The user can illustrate, edit, combine and montage the graphical output from several sources to produce compositions for effective presentations, poster displays, reports and etc.

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SDI CGM Reader is a convenient CGM file viewing plug-in within the Windows Browsers – IE or others being Netscape compliant . Compatibility with IE V5 or later; also with Netscape V6 or later, Firefox and Mozilla. SDI CGM READER can be either a client based add-on or used as an embedded Active X or .NET module within your application with our available SDK. An SDK is also available for the Netscape DLL.

CGM Scope Request Trial Download (Windows)

Request Trial Download (Unix/Linux)

CGM Scope – View CGM V1 thru V4 ATA, S-1000D and WEB CGM compliant files. Readily compare metadata with graphical representation. Display and filter a list of all graphical elements in the CGM file. Flags elements that do not conform to the ISO CGM standard and notifies the user of this non-compliance. Available for AIX, HPUX, IRIX, LINUX, SOLARIS, and Windows.

SDI Print to File Request Trial Download

SDI Print to File – A Windows Printer Driver for Graphics Format Output. Convenient export of graphics format files out of any Windows applications. Output CGM, EMF, JPEG, PDF, PNG, AND TIFF files from Microsoft WINDOWS XP/W7 Print Manager. Export Drawings from your CAD Applications directly to CGM, EMF, JPEG, PDF, PNG and TIFF files. Save Graphs, Logs, Maps, Spreadsheets as: CGM, EMF, JPEG, PDF, PNG and TIFF files. SDI PTF installs seamlessly into your Windows Print Manager.

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SDI PrintMaster is a general purpose printing/plotting solution, handling multiple graphic and CAD formats and their rastering and output to printers and plotters of all types. Roll plotters, specifically, do not have the control functionality within their software drive. SDI takes control of the whole printing process and allows you to get the prints or plots that you want the first time.